Do you have a dad?

OK so I’m not the biggest fan of play dates (yet to find out what I am a fan of to be honest.. All year round scrooge! 😉)

But, for my sons social development we do occasionally have one of his friends over.

This isn’t a rant about playdates, let’s save that for another day and when I have much more time!

Something I realised whilst occasionally eavesdropping in on their cute conversations.

“do you have a dad?”

Its the one question i often hear his friends ask. I didn’t catch the answer today, although I did catch my sons face. He gave me a little grin, i grinned back and all was fine. He’s 7, but very much used to the inquisitive minds of his friends, friends who have both parents at home.

It led me to question, what importance is held in today’s society, particularly those who are parents, on teaching their kids about different home lives. I mean, we openly discuss different religions but why is your child so unaware of some homes having just the one parent?

Food for thought.. ☺

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